Fancy getting hold of GX06 DYW and taking her for a drive? We are looking for drivers […]
The keen-eyed of you may have noticed in the last few weeks that GX06 DYW has had […]
We had a fantastic time seeing so many happy faces in Cirencester for Pride and we’re incredibly […]
Where on earth this year has gone so far? Seriously can’t believe it’s June already! Halfway through […]
It’s been a while since we posted any updates, particularly about rallies. So it’s time to give […]
Something a little different we’re posting on the blog but never the less something we need to […]
March has been a hectic month for the GX06 DYW Preservation Group team. To start March off […]
Today Tuesday 28th March 2023 will be remembered as a great day for us. GX06 DYW has […]
It’s been a while since our last public update so we thought it was time to give […]
It’s that time of year again when hundreds of thousands of people head to Cheltenham to watch […]

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