Something a little different we’re posting on the blog but never the less something we need to make you aware of.

We’ve decided this week to move to a new hosting provider. As a result, you may have noticed our website was offline during the night and throughout the morning. If you’ve tried to email us chances are that they bounced.

We’ve moved to a new hosting provider as our current host was no longer fit for purpose within our budget. We’re now being hosted by a UK-based company with all data on a new UK Server. Previously we’d been hosted in the UK but based in the US.

We’re grateful for our previous hosting company however we needed something more faster and reliable. Hopefully, this move will prove beneficial for us. If you notice any problems please do get in touch with us.

UPDATE: We’re moving back to our old provider as our new provider doesn’t support our full requirements. We are having an upgrade with our old provider however which should help us.

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