Recently Twitter decided to stop third party apps from accessing the API. We’re not sure if this is intentional or not but based on current goings on at Twitter we believe it is. While this doesn’t effect us from Tweeting it does effect us from using the client of our choice.

Many years ago, myself Ashley started using TweetBot for Twitter and this has since become the number one choice for myself when tweeting, I would never go back to using Twitters own app as it’s simply shambolic. You’ll see yourself by the many complaints in the AppStore and via Twitter.

There is lots of disappointment with Twitter and Elon Musk for this decision.

As a result we’ve decided to launch our next social media account on Mastodon. Mastodon is becoming very popular with users frustrated with Twitter.

So while we’re unable to tweet via TweetBot we’re heading over to Mastodon. TapBots who make TweetBot are working on an app for Mastodon and we look forwarding to using this, in the mean time the Mastodon app is perfect for us.

So make sure to give us a follow!

Come Join #TeamPurple

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