It’s that time again where we give you a progress update to keep you all informed of what’s going on with GX06 DYW.

Since the last post not a lot has happened. We’re still without batteries (though we hope to get some before Christmas!).

One thing that has happened though is not one but two trips to the scrap yard for parts. Our first visit we arrived a tad later than we had planned so we didn’t have a lot of time to get everything we needed. We did however come away with some seat backs and a seat frame to replace a broken one.

We then decided to go again a few days later. Sadly over the weekend (last weekend) my car was involved in a none fault accident so we where unable to take my car with my trailer as planned to get as much as we could. However we did still manage this without the use of the trailer and ramming us like sardines into the car.

We’ve now got enough seat backs for GX06 DYW to replace broken ones. There was over 14 seat backs that where cable tied! We also wanted to replace the ones at the back that are damaged by people trying to set light to them. We also managed to grab some extra goodies which we will be selling on to raise some funds for GX06 DYW in due course. Watch this space as to what we’ve bought.

Sadly we again ran out of time after spending a fair few hours in one scrap yard so we need to plan another visit for a few more parts however most of what we need is now obtained.

We’ve also decided to invest in a generator so while we are working on GX06 DYW during these winter months we can keep ourselves warm and try and warm up the saloon, which sadly is seeing lots of condensation as a result of this cold weather and of course being outside.

It was really nice recently to see GX06 DYW in the snow something we where lucky to have so we could get some great photos. Shame there is no working batteries as a Christmas desto would of gone down rather nicely!

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