So you’re probably wondering what’s been going on. It’s been a little quiet over the last few days and since we purchased GX06 DYW so what’s going on?

We’ve started the deep clean on the bus which involves removing all the seat bases to be shampooed and then give the bases a good clean. There’s years worth of dirt, dust and debris under the seats so it’s a lot to do. We’re also able to get to the rails the seats sit on easier so we can give these a good clean too.

We’ve also gave the drivers cab a deep clean and got behind areas you wouldn’t think of. Behind the Hanover board is lots of dust, dirt and cobwebs we’ve been cleaning away. We’re in the progress of trying to see if we can get the interior plastic back to how it used to look but years of use means it’s more than likely permanently discolored. Though we are going to try our best.

We’re also doing a general clean to every single area of the bus. Replacing old stickers with new updated stickers and disinfecting all surfaces and touch points.

There’s so much to do and we’re working hard each week.

Both myself, Ashley & Adrian are away on holiday from Monday 17th October 2022 for a week so Harry will be in charge. We know the bus will be left in safe hands.

GX06 DYW recently took a trip to Rugby too! Yes it made it their in one piece. We visited our engineer Adrian who replaced the headlight bulbs so we’ve now got brighter looking bulbs. It was also a good chance to give the bus a good run out and see what she’s made off. Well it was a fun trip.

She’ll now be spending some time relaxing while we continue the interior work. We’re also now in the position to fundraise to help us get her resprayed. She’ll be going back into Beachball and the plan is for a respray not a hand repaint as she currently has been done in the local livery.

If you want to help us with any tasks please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

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