As most of you will probably be aware by now, one of our aims as a group is to get GX06 DYW repainted back into Beachball livery. As you can probably imagine this is easy enough to arrange but the cost is very expensive.

While we always knew the cost would be high, it’s a cost that will take away our entire budget, we still have to get an MOT next year and will need to keep fueling the bus up when we head out to bus rallies.

I know there are many of you out their that fully support our aim and are following us on Social Media. We’ve had loads of interaction with over 4000 impressions on some of our posts on Facebook alone! Our social media following has risen sharply and is increasing each day. We had loads of people commenting, liking and even dropping us messages to show their support.

With all that in mind it comes down to one thing. Money. If everyone who’s viewed our posts on Facebook alone donated just £1 to the cause of repainting GX06 DYW we’d be well over budget having spare money to focus on other things with the bus. That’s also including an MOT come 2023 (Subject to her passing or needing little to no work!).

So today we’re asking could you help donate to the repaint? Or are you someone who runs a business repainting busses and maybe able to cut us a deal?

If you can help donate please click the button below

Or if you’re someone who can help in a professional capacity please head to our contact page and drop us an e-mail.

Thank You!

Come Join #TeamPurple

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